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4 Steps Involved to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you are injured, you have the responsibility to follow several steps to secure your rights to workers' compensation.

Work Injury Attorney: Do You Really Need One?

Work injuries are not fun; they are dangerous and can bring on serious health consequences. But ignoring the issue and pretending nothing happened isn't going to bring you any consolation.

Do I Have to Take a Drug Test to Receive Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Almost everyone would agree that drug use has no place in the workplace and that the use of illicit substances should be discouraged. Using drugs during work hours is harmful and can lead to serious accidents on the job.

Workers' Comp Benefit Limitations

Workers' compensation is a form of insurance available to employees in the event that they are injured on the job.

Why You Need an Experienced FELA Attorney

Although it is true that the volume of railroad fatalities, collisions and injuries has declined in recent decades, railroad accidents continue to pose a very serious threat to drivers, passengers and railroad workers.

5 Myths about Workers' Compensation

One aspect of workers' compensation is the misconceptions and myths that confuse people about how the process is supposed to work.

Finding the Right Workers’ Compensation Attorney

4 ways you can use to find the right workers’ compensation attorney for your claim.

Reporting an On-the-Job Injury or Medical Condition

In order to receive workers' compensation benefits, an injured person must report his or her injury to their employer and their respective state's workers' compensation agency within a specified amount of time...

Estimating the True Cost of Workplace Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance premiums can be a burdensome cost to small businesses. Especially in today’s economy, companies are looking to streamline by boosting revenue and cutting back on extra expenses any way they can.


Workers Compensation Attorney Profile:

Meet Colorado Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury and Insurance Dispute Attorney R. Mack Babcock

R. Mack Babcock Prior to founding The Babcock Law Firm, LLC, R. Mack Babcock spent many years on the other side of workers' compensation , car accidents, personal injury and insurance disputes representing some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in Colorado as an attorney at a midsize insurance defense firm.

Babcock is a member of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and the Workers' Compensation Educational Association.  In early 2008, he was elected as the Colorado House District 43 Committee Chairperson for the Douglas County Colorado Democratic Party. In connection with this position, he is responsible for finding a candidate(s) to run for House District 43, overseeing the campaign(s), organizing volunteers, and also sits on the executive committee for the Douglas County Democratic Party.